Myah Gary

Myah Gary is a native of Carbondale, Illinois. She has been writing and performing since she was eight years old.  Myah holds bachelor’s degrees in Creative Writing and Sociology, a master’s degree in Health Education and is currently pursuing a PhD in Health Education and Theater, with an emphasis in playwriting. For six years, she held the title of Creative Arts Director for One Vision Outreach Training Center. As the Creative Arts Director, she led three outreach performance teams.

Myah is also a burgeoning playwright. In July 2016, a film version of her full-length play Penetrate, was completed. Penetrate is a cinematic short that focuses on sexual assault. The film is currently being shopped to various film festivals.

Beyond her performance and writing expertise, she has a plethora of teaching experience. Myah taught students in grades K-9 for the program Single Parents and Children (S.P.A.C). She also worked as a college instructor at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Along with her experience teaching youth, she also worked as a school-based mental health counselor.